It was in 2013 that we made the special presentation uniforms for Aesop Skin Care. A true dream project.
Dennis and I first sat down in 2010 in Paris to try and figure out a project to do together. And as usual when people like us meet, it is more ideas and motivation than time allows to do them.
A few years later we hit on it - A non-uniform uniform.
The garment grew out of Aesop's need to develop their phenomenal recognisable brand DNA off the shelf and onto the representatives.
Two pieces - A gender-fluid coverall and more gender-specific jacket.

The garments were made from a durable but light Ottoman made, amusingly, in Turkey.
We designed and cut in Iceland, fit in Paris, produced in Poland.
All the trims were custom developed, including the buttons which we hand cast, drilled and oxidized for the entire run in Vopnabúrið, our Icelandic workshop.
The tags inside allowed for employee to write their name, and when they moved on, another person could take over and write their name.

Roomy for reach and fitted for standing but loose for lovingly passing laconic cotton bags with two of their hands, long but short, elegant and minimal but recognisable and unique.
A straight forward brief.

if you are special enough to be at one of their special things, go up and touch them.

Client: @AesopSkinCare
Garment Technician: @frau.bon
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