So much of what we work on can only be shown a year or two after it happened.
It's either tied up by a confidentiality agreement, or by showing the work in progress it will spoil the reveal.
This project though, The APPARITION translucent  leather, from 2017 is a mind blowing achievement in so many ways.
This is one of the projects we spearheaded while running the creative direction for the innovation lab of @Eccoleather.  The intention was to push for game changing leather advances - APPARITION was the first material released to public. 

Large-scale translucent leather skins had not been produced effectively to make them commercially viable. 
Thus, a challenge. 
And as usual, I am attracted to something that cannot be done.

The aim, first and foremost, was to make a new material [then] tell it as a story through product and imagery.
The initial plan was always to make it into a material that could replace plastics in raincoats, shoes, and bags for the premium market, making it usable, accessible, tactile, and desirable. Finally, [we had] to commercialize it – not just have it as an artisanal fancy you see online.
This is a very good example of applied R&D focusing on an end goal, and not stopping for any obstacles. From early on we could see the garment and shoe types that I would benefit from this
Photography: @marinothorlacius
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