This film was developed to showcase the spectral properties and softness of the Apparition leather.
The full video can be found in a google search, though here you have the 15 second edit from the olden days of video limitation. You'll have to go over to the real internet to watch it.

We worked with choreographer Sigríður Soffia Nielsdóttir @siggasoffiainc to develop a performance of systems that orbit each other, based on the eclipse of planned obsolescence - the theory that you are the centre of a universe of products you own, and every product is orbiting around you, each with it’s individual date that it will break.
This suggests that the reason why several objects in your life break at the same time is to do with the obsolescence eclipse in effect. The astral product bodies aligned and eject their primary state while dancing in disfunction.

And in this film you see the dancer Andri revolve around and through himself. Again. And again. And again, until he had worn through the skin in his feet.

This shoot was oldschool, painful and complex. Like love.

Creative Direction/ Design - Sruli Recht #srulirecht
Construction – Flavia Bon @frau.bon
Performer - Andrean Sigurgeirsson @ssandrean
Choreography - Sigríður Soffia Nielsdóttir @siggasoffiainc / Andrean Sigurgeirsson
DOP – Marinó Thorlacius @marinothorlacius
Editing – Stefanía Thors @steffithors
Original Score - Helgi Svavar Helgason @Helgi Svavar Helgason
VFX – electricpig
Makeup - Steinunn Þórðardóttir @steinasminka
Production - Femke Van Seeters, Marlie Louwers
Graphic Design – Birk Marcus Hansen #birkmarcushansen
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