septembers child is
a non-product in two parts
for your inconvenience

There once was a small fabric length of such beauty
though compared to its brethren, it was small
“too small”, it was told by others, “to become something”
yet, of heart and thought it was with credence

ipso facto this fabric rose
bound its ends in cloth
and wrapped itself around the neck of people
gently suffocating them till the soft warmth took their untimely last breath

thus marked the mid half of 2003
this skarf of rebellion and dissidence inspired a new generation of  guerrilla throat protection
and over the years many skarves in its image have been made
from silks through to wools and velvets, in a kaleidoscope of colours and lengths

though it was a wintry afternoon in the black depths of Icelandic winter 2006
that saw the renaissance, and new form of the skarf
from a reflection on the long black days of the years end
it was reborn, a renaissance for the ice hard snow fields of Reykjavik proper
Its new form, over three metres long,
black wool and pleated to wrap hooded over the head
bound in ivory cotton, light and breathable.
few remember how many were came out here during that endless seasonal storm

in consequence it comes now again by request as a non-product
in two lengths 310x52cm 115eu & 155x35 70eu
made here in the studio, boxed
and in preparation for your oncoming winter.

for ladies and the gentle of men
orderable through here - click

...wear it in health.
mugshots shot with care by the raw light shaper - Bjarni Grímsson
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