...On my knees, against the wall
 the fabric crept across the floor...


a transportable aeroplane-friendly modular cutting-table
for designers and students alike.
This, is a cardboard table:
The core of many design projects is the design table, 
without such proper costumes are limited to being cut on low desks or floors.
The last few years of constant travel and guerrilla studio set-ups were impeded by this one lacking thing - no good clean surface on which to stand by and cut it up.  Back aching, fabric soiled and head swelling... productivity was continually slowed.
Similarly, during university, fellow students were oft discussing the limitations of cutting on bedroom carpet floors, tiled kitchen surfaces
and low tables.

Thus, this light and sturdy corrugated structure was developed to meet the requirements of both the travelling designer and space limited
student...  or the travelling student and space limited designer, needing an ergonomic sturdy plane on which to cut, fold, draft, design or dine. 
The affordable biodegradable alternative is easily packed down at the end of your day to regain precious real estate.
Cutting Table No. 1 - 1500mm x 1200mm x 930mm

Has thus far been employed as a cutting table, meeting table,
dinner table, baby changing table, RPG table, and a bed.
She comes with 3 collabsible drawers, Jute strap moving/storing box,
laminated white surface top, and all replaceable parts.

Packed and ready to ship around the world, 12 Metric Kilos
This table is dedicated to the good memory of Phineas Hepworth
- dear close friend, brother in arms, and maker of the Original hardwood mobile Cutting-Table, pride of the Sruli Recht studio,
on which all things are done. 
rest in peace.
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