Garrote – Film
On your neck I lace
This grave embrace
Take a breath, take a breath
It is your last before death
For on your neck I lace these jewels and erase
GARROTE is a film performed by Heba Eir Jónasdóttir Kjeld and River Carmalt

Director - Heimir Sverrisson
Creative Director - Sruli Recht
Editor - Steffi Thors
Choreographer - Erna Ómarsdottir
Sound - Ben Frost
Director Of Photography - Tómas Tómasson
Assistant Director - Bui Baldvinsson
Special Effects - Aron Bergmann Magnússon
Costume Design - Sruli Recht Studio
Storyboard Artist - B. Börkur Eiríksson
Wardrobe assistant - Andrea Sisson
Dolly - Friðrik Grétarsson

With special thanks to Megan Herbert, Lise Capet, Filmus, Addi Knutsson Kristján Kristjánsson and Hannes Björgvinsson.

Filmed at Lazytown Studio on the Red One camera
Recorded at the Greenhouse
Garrote is a necklace - Icelandic volcanic lava moulded into black scarab beetles,
magnetized and sealed on a spun-copper middle E piano wire.

The GARROTE film was premiered during the Reykjavík Design Days and at the Reykjavík Fashion Festival in conjunction with Hönnunarmiðstöð Íslands - The Icelandic Design Centre.
Premeir Screening time: Friday March 19 as part of the catwalkpresentations 20 00.

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