My heart, it broke. Shot through
the middle and left to spill.
I will wrap it in spider silk.
Nothing better.
For it was diagnosed and prescribed
- One Bullet Proof Heart.
A Spider-Silk Organ.za Glove
for the Heart
Surgically Fitted, for the Incapable of Love
Window Installation in Aurum , Bankastræti 4, Reykjavík.

Heart Glove is exhibited as two suspended frames and one floating colossal heart.
- Frame one holds small fragile cardboard heart and pattern for cutting a glove to fit around the heart pinned to a lost letter.
- In frame two is suspended a heart enveloped in a spider silk valve- glove for the inside of a chest.
- In window two levitates a giant heart modelled on texts of the old- Gods, 1.5 metres in length with a titanic 180 cm girth.
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