Emergent. Emerging

And from darkness now loomed the future.
Long fins through the mist, parting air and altitude, so came the arks. 
Revealed. Revered. Impenetrable, hard, black. 
Momentous. Monolithic. Straining, pushing back. 

The compression, several different and new atmospheres hitting the bow.
And as we came lower we saw nothing.
But the wind. The wind moves things.
Pressure. The dip in mass rocked us. A broken beat staccato of etherial turbulence.

And now, the reveal.  Everything known, at all moments, the single point of blinding light... exposed, self reflecting, photovoltaic.  
Existing in two places at once. A mirror upon a mirror upon a mirror, no minor reflection.  For it was once, and nevermore VAILD.

The Blind.

And the light.
About the VAILD Edition

The VAILD Edition of the Norlan Glass was developed to create a unique blind nosing experience. The impenetrable black outer wall conceals, while the inner wall reveals. 
From within, the black outer wall creates a perfect recursive infinity mirror—stray photons that find their way into this light trap bounce around like some cosmic ballet, taking with it the whisky, uninterrrupted, wholly reflected, and refracted back into itself... for ever and ever. Until the sun fades, electricity ebbs, the lights dim, and no one can see anything ever again. 
And now all we have to guide us is the story of aroma, stimulated by heroic molecular vibrations and the awesome power of a fully operational olfactory receptor set. 

Photography - @marinothorlacius
Film - @mikkelvolcker
Sound - @helgijazz
Web - @norlanglass
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