Sounds Like
an interpretation
Our commission for Joey Roth is complete. We were asked to redesign his ceramic speakers and aluminium amplifier for an exhibition to be presented during ICFF 2010 NY Design Week. Joey curated the designers to alter his speakers, and the designers each selected a musician to draw into the process.
Our choice – Ben Frost.
The Brief – Do what ever you like.
Thus, we took Joey’s speakers and amplifier, completely stripped them, and built them back up into our cardboard speaker boxes and amplifier.
Our additions include Cardboard, Ink, PVA, Orange LED.
Also featured work in the show is work of the late artist Tobias Wong, director David Lynch, designer Stanley Ruiz, and illustrator Sougwen Chung
DDCLAB, May 14-18, 2010
427 W 14th Street @ Washington St. New York, NY 10014
Our addition to the exhibition was made possible by the support of Oddi, who provided cardboard, machine time, and Snorri Már Snorrason.
Photographs – Marino Thorlacius
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