Stone Blind: is a pair of frames for the visually impaired, hand carved and bent from Cherry wood with hand cut Carrara marble lenses.
Edition of 5
The man who heard it all, everything... when it happened
He knew the sound of anything hitting the floor
He could tell you exactly what had fallen
from anywhere, and to the ground.
With his ears, he could hear the specific sound of every object in the world, and the impact it made, in its terminal dance with gravity and the Earth
A pen, a quoin, or your heart.  if it could fall, he could tell you what it was.
And he would always find something in that exact moment it was lost… but never in the minutes there after, nor the second before.
For everyone has lost something they once had.
Once held in regard, and now supported by a surface
He swore:
“what I hear, is what I heard.
Always after, and never before.
Beam of Balance: is an aerodynamic hand carved cane white cane for the visually impaired, shaped as the wing struts of the early aircrafts.  Made from Larch, the cane is sun bleached, rubbed down with black sea horse hide, and tipped with rubber.
Edition of 5
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